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How Will You Fill Your Flower Vase?

--by Jacinda, posted Mar 6, 2010

Last night after reading some inspirational posts on HelpOthers I decided it was getting a little late so I decided to go to bed. As I was lying there I was thinking about the stories I had just read. For some reason my mind flashed back to my first day at College (High School). The head girl was standing up on the stage giving us a speech about your life and your life journey being a vase full of flowers. Now that may seem a strange context but that speech has stayed with me for many years.

I would like to share it with you all!  It went something along the lines of… Imagine a big vase of flowers being your life. Each person has a vase of flowers but it is their opportunity to fill it in the way they decide. You could fill your vase with a few flowers or fill it with many beautiful flowers of all shapes, colours, textures and sizes. It’s entirely up to you.


You could be one of those people who go to school, then get a job and everyday is the same – work, home, work, home  OR…you could be someone you goes out, gets a job, goes to University but lives everyday to the fullest, someone who wants to make a difference in the world, someone who helps others at every opportunity and goes out to meet people of all kinds, many cultures, different backgrounds. Everyday is a gift.


Back then, in the hall, I thought I wanted to make the most out of my life! I want to fill my vase with lots of flowers! I want to live a life helping others, live a life of smiles and kindness. I’m telling you I’m not anywhere near perfect but I try my hardest to be the best I can! Our lives are our Journey! There maybe times when you are so low but then you do get back up again.


Our lives are full of twists and turns.  “Life is like a bowl full of spaghetti with many twists and turns but sometimes you may come across a meatball.”  Now there have been times in my life when my family and I have come across a meatball such as when my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer with 8 tumors at only 44 years of age when I was 11. But we got through it as a family. In actual fact it has made us stronger, it has made us closer. I love my family so much!


I’m so thankful I stumbled across this HelpOthers site. Your posts inspire me each and everyday. Since last October when I joined, although it seems as if I have been joined to this site for a lifetime, each day when I get up in the morning I think, “How will I help others today? How will I make a difference in someone else’s life this day?”


Although I am only 18 years old and at the beginning of my Journey through life, I am continually inspired by each and everyone of you! Thank you so very much, everyone of you is special! Remember that!


Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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Readers Comments

jsmc10 wrote: Thank you for sharing, those metaphors are very good and gets you thinking, thank you :)
pooja wrote: Respected sir a"ll always put your story in my vase so that it can inspire me. Throught my life.
Huligesh wrote: The lily sits beside the rose
The wistraria clings to the freshia
The tulip kisses the daffodil
The black eyed susan caresses the gardenia
The magnolia dances with the ivy
And the ivy trails and finds more petals.

What a beautiful poem! I am almost in tears. I see all the beautiful flowers out there and i long for them, but always something prevents me from going out and collecting them and putting them in my vase.
Nicole wrote: You sound very deep and fresh emotionaly.

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Good luck and god bless.
cabbage wrote: You are such a beautiful soul, jacinda!

I am so glad you share your journey with us here. And i can tell that you are already filling your vase with many beautiful flowers. Many smiles and hugs to you! Love,
Jacinda wrote: Thank you everyone so much for your lovely comments which are so uplifting! I'm actually 19 now but this was posted before my birthday :) wishing you all a wonderful week! Love & smiles, jacinda
kjppjkkjp wrote: Can't believe you are 18! Truly beautiful!
iferlamb wrote: Jacinda,
You are a truly wonderful person! I am blessed to know you and your vase is beautiful!
tracey k in ohio wrote: Such a beautiful story; thank you so much for sharing!
Lin wrote: Helen, what a beautiful poem! I am almost in tears. I see all the beautiful flowers out there and i long for them, but always something prevents me from going out and collecting them and putting them in my vase.

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