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A Little Girl With A Big Heart

--by Sydney, posted Mar 4, 2010

I heard a great story this morning about a young girl with a very big heart. A friend was telling me a story about her customer's daughter.
The daughter goes to an expensive private school where she has a friend, who is on a full scholarship at this school.  This friend has very limited means and her mother is an immigrant from China and her father is an alcholic.  Although the girl's mother works very hard, they can barely make ends meet.  This girl is very bright and gifted at music and that's how she got the scholarship from this school.  The stipend also includes an allowance for things like lunch, school uniform and music lessons. 
The daughter became friends with this girl and would secretly talk to her at lunch (secretly, in order to avoid the other kids teasing her).  On her birthday last month, she invited her new friend to her birthday party.  The girl said she couldn't come.  The daughter really wanted her to come and persisted in asking her.  Eventually the girl said, "I don't have any nice clothes that I could wear to your birthday party."  After a short pause, the girl remembered, "I have this top from my piano recital," and asked, "could I please borrow a skirt from you?" 

The daughter was happy that her friend would be able to come and went home to ask her Mum whether she could lend her friend one of her skirts.  To her surprise, her Mum said, "No."  The daughter was very upset by this and angrily said to her Mum, "If I could, I would give my friend all my clothes."  The Mother didn't understand why her daughter would have had such an outburt as she's normally very well behaved. 

Eventually, the daughter explained to her Mother about her friend's circumstances.  Her Mother immediately changed her mind and said, "Yes."  She also encouraged her daughter not to feel like she should secretly be friends with this girl and to feel proud of her friendship with her. 

It seems they are good friends now and hang out all the time.

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Ashlee wrote: Oh that is so cute i can imagine my mom doing that too that is a really good story and it touched my heart
smileamile wrote: This story has touched my heart. Thank you. :-)
arunchikkop wrote: Somethimes we learn so much from small childern.
Aimee Rook wrote: Great story. Very inspiring. Lets use the first paragraph to promote awareness about alcoholism. It implies her alcoholic father is unreliable and unemployed. Not all alcoholics are a liability. Many are sober and walk among us making a positive difference everyday. Many are not sober add yet remain valuable members of society.
Jayne wrote: What a gift this child was able to share not only with the other child but with her mother!
cyrilsmom wrote: I really think parents should teach such things to kids. Her advice of not to keep the freindship a secret is good
Joseph Mathew wrote: Its an excellent story. Let the good god bless all of us and make all of us the instrument to become a part of this noble. God bless you for your deed.
Sheen wrote: Why did the mom say 'no' in the first place?

Bernadette wrote: What makes me sad is the knowledge that education in the us is so frightfully expensive that it turns into an pond of elitism sometimes (not for the children, but the parents! ) . And come to think of it, weren't most of our ancestors immigrants? And don't we all have our own private addiction? (money, chocolate, jewelry, praise, shopping, food, work. ? ) i am glad that the little girls knew what is important, and that the mothers learned from their children.

cabbagepatch wrote: It is so wonderful to hear how children are learning to do acts of kindness.May all parents encourage their children to be aware of other children and their needs. Thanks for sharing this storu

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