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Birthday Sharing

--by Butterkind, posted Jul 6, 2020
On my daughter’s birthday I packed several cake slices in bowls and drove around, distributing them to those experiencing homelessness. One person asked how old my daughter was, which led us to engage in a small conversation. It was more about an exchange and acknowledgment of the Light within each and every one of us.
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Khokha wrote: It made you happy to do that. I'm sure!
michelelpurce wrote: wonderful act! including them in the celebration! "_
michelelpurce wrote: :)
Mish wrote: So lovely, Butterkind. Truly.💖
dotmatrix wrote: Excellent. ♥.
SEESEE wrote: Thank you butterkind, that was wonderful to share
A birthday with the world at large.
mindyjourney wrote: What a lovely way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday! 🍰 thank you for sharing with those less fortunate!

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