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Gifts From Afar

--by cyctw, posted Jul 7, 2020
Anjili, a parent of a former student, texted me and said that she had some "Indian essentials," as she called them, for me. This evening she stopped by to gift me one of those trays with 7 holders for everyday Indian spices, as well as a handmade wooden board and roller to make roti!

She was so happy to offer me these gifts that she picked up in India awhile back. And I was excited to accept. In exchange, I offered her a jar of my homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam! When the Shelter in place is over, she promised to have me over in order to teach me how to make roti and how to make my own garam masala. The world is full of kindness...sometimes it just creeps up on you.
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pluto178 wrote: Thats so very true x
Helenconnell2 wrote: A true friendship filled with kindness x
drjoybug wrote: Splendid kindness ❣️
fairykats wrote: I have a bottle of garam masala that I made in the fridge. The one I was getting from health food store was too cinnamon-ish. I learned how to cook Indian cuisine years ago from watching Manjula's Kitchen online. She is wonderful. Enjoy your spice holder and roti tools!
Mish wrote: Such a beautiful circle of kindness, cyctw. And yummy as well :))
SissyLee wrote: MMMmmmm -- roti . . . .

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