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In the Spirit of Love

--by mbaye1, posted Jul 9, 2020
Today I practiced kindness on my way to work by giving a person some coins who was asking for change on the street. I then asked myself what else can I do in this moment to make this person more comfortable while standing here in the cold...I wished I could have given her a home!

I then thought, who wouldn't like a nice cup a hot tea? So I went and got her a tall cup a tea and gave it to her. She was so delighted by this small act. I'm discovering that kindness is contagious...I now want to do it all of the time.
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wavingatyou wrote: Warms the heart :)
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing what your heart suggested in getting cup of tea for homeless. Blessings.
mish wrote: You are a beautiful light bearer!
melnotes wrote: Such delight in being both the giver and receiver :) Wonderful kindness!

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