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Forgiving When It Hurts

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 6, 2020
Today I did something I know we all struggle with. I forgave someone who hurt me.

Although I do not condone his actions and hurtful words towards me (my partner) I understand that deep down he never meant to hurt me. That deep down it is him inside that must be suffering.

To forgive isn’t to accept something or say it’s ok. To forgive is to release the poison that contaminates you when you don’t. It’s hard to forgive at times especially when anothers' actions are so hurtful but it can be done. I figure I’d rather forgive and move on than not forgive and hold on.
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vitalreiki wrote: Beautiful sentiments! Thank you for sharing.
jomartin87112 wrote: I think you nailed it! To forgive is a different action than forgetting.
kperrine wrote: Forgiveness is a word that keeps giving...and healling

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