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Showing Appreciation

--by Mish, posted Jul 8, 2020
 We paid someone triple what they asked for...he did some work for us on the outside of our house. We really appreciated that he takes so much pride in his work, as he toiled in the sun for 4 hours and then cleaned up beautifully before he left.

We enjoyed some friendly banter while he worked & he shared good energy. He didn’t count the money before he left...I bet he was surprised when he realized how much he earned!

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gardengal10 wrote: Wow! you are the best customer, ever :))
mindyjourney wrote: What a great way to express your appreciation! Thank You :)))
petroskryf wrote: I agree, such a special customer indeed. Thank you for being so kind, Mish. 🌺🌸
pluto178 wrote: Now these are the kind of random acts I love so much pleasure can be had doing things like this well done x
TheHuman wrote: Wow!!! You have such a lovely heart!!! People like you are my INSPIRATION!!! I am very very Happy with your kindness acts!!! You are like my Mother and you are KindSpring Mother of TheHuman!!! You touched my heart!!! You are making a difference!!! I now understand the Kindness Crown you given to TheHuman is more valuable than I think. Wow I love you!!!

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