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Treats For Postal Worker

--by cyctw, posted Jul 16, 2020
It is awful hot here in the Bay Area, with little relief for those delivering our mail. So, I thought I would offer something to our mail lady, who is always smiling...I can even see that through her mask...and enjoying her work. I had just picked some tomatoes from our garden this morning.

I packaged some up, along with a bottle of cold water. When I gave it to her she said, "how did you know I was thirsty?" And then she thanked me. It's I who owe her, and all mail carriers, a debt of gratitude.

I know how often I hear complaints about our U.S. postal system...and I'm sure I levied my share...but I'm amazed that, given the volume of mail they handle on a daily basis, that 99.99% (ok, I'm making that up, but I'm sure it's close!) of the mail makes it from its origins to its destination with no damage! Thank you postal workers, as well as all front line workers during these most interesting times.
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Mish wrote: I’m with you on this, cyctw.....they are among the frontlines too. Well done 👍
linda wrote: Exactly! For 50 cents they'll deliver your letter thousands of miles away.
Protect the postal service!
mindyjourney wrote: A deep bow of appreciation for all the postal workers! Thank you for gifting yours w/tomatoes and a bottle of cold water :).
Brindlegirl wrote: Your gratitude love and kindness is so infectious 😍 thank you for being you xox

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