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Moving Creates An Opportunity To Start Giving

--by monkeyinpajamas, posted Mar 12, 2010

Moving away gave me a chance to reflect on my good fortune and it was a wonderful opportunity to give away some of my things.


I’m not rich, but I decided to make sure that what I have an excess off (thanks to the kindness of wonderful friends and family) is passed on to those who really need it.


Once you start, its amazing how much you can do...


1.     I donated some clothes which were still in pretty good condition, which used to belong to my roomate or me (partly inspired by the story of Goonj posted by 'Anju73').  I spent a good deal of time laundering and ironing them I also added some lavender scents :).


I searched for the right place to give them to.  I could have given it to Habitat which is round the corner, but I checked out a great homeless shelter that I had heard about and gave it to them instead.


I popped a few smile cards between the clothes :).


2.     I gave away shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes and other toiletries to a shelter for women.


3.      I gave away my laundry card to the girl who I'm subleasing my room to.


4.     I gave some new students some plates, utensils and other kitchen things that I thought they would find helpful.


5.     One of my friend’s loves the song "Starry Starry Night". She is going through a rough time now, so I gave her the parint of Starry Night that I had :)


6.     I gave away my art materials to be used by a homeless artist.


7.     I gave a teddy bear away to ‘Bears for Cares’, an organisation for children affected by cancer.


8.      I gave my large canvases to a friend who is a great artist but can’t afford materials because he doesn’t have a job at the moment.


It isn't much, but, phew, what an exercise. I’m so glad I did it because with a little effort, I hope I was able to make a few people happy.  It also made me  realise that we have woven an intricate web of attachment with all these material objects that perhaps we don’t need to :-)


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Readers Comments

luv4all wrote: I really liked the idea of laundering the clothes adding scent and making it a gift. Next time i gift clothes, i shall make sure they are like a gift
Gloria Ives wrote: How wonderful! When we do a little homework, we can certainly make the most of our good fortunes, and it looks like you looked deep inside to see where your good fortunes could be of most benefit. The challenge of finding opportunities like these really appeals to me. It makes giving an adventure. On behalf of myself, a bystander, thank you for letting me observe the good you've done. On behalf of the recipients of your good will, thank you! And thank you for the inspiration.
Imperky wrote: Hi,
You really gave of yourself as well as of your material items. They gave you the knowledge that your gifts of thoughtfulness were valued very much. You made a difference.
cabbage wrote: Your thoughtfulness is a wonderful example--thank you so much for your inspiration.

I especially like that you laundered and ironed and scented the clothes--i'll have to try that one instead of just putting all the clothes in a bag! That is just so sweet. You made many people very happy.

Lots of love and hugs to you. Xoxo cabbage
Nancy wrote: I especially liked the idea of the smile cards and lavender scents. Makes your gift seem more of a gift than just a housecleaning. Beautiful idea!
Harvey McKinnon wrote: Very nice!

Sarah wrote: Wow,you may not think you gave a lot but you did! You've inspired me.
FairyBubbles wrote: That is really wonderful - you have made so many people happy.
Bluebell wrote: Guin you are a star. Love and Light, Bluebell
Bluebell wrote: Check the "29gifts giving challenge" now that you got the hang of giving you are going to love this site. Love and Light, Bluebell

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