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Giving Away Flowers is Addictive

--by Bluebell, posted Mar 13, 2010

I love to surprise people. I like to start things with a "bang" and finish them with another "bang" usually related with acts of kindness.

This year on my last meeting as a chair of the PTA, I offered each member of the team a rose and a card.

Though they know me by now I guess I can still surprise them with unusual surprises from time to time.

The other day I gave a chocolate and a smile card to a charity worker, who seemed quite puzzled ...

Today I gave a rose and a card to a lady that I know who has been working very hard.

Giving flowers is lovely, the only danger is that it is highly addictive.




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Readers Comments

luckyman wrote: You did surprise me sometime back. God bless you blue.
iferlamb wrote: How funny! That's my problem. I am addicted to smile cards and little acts of kindness. What a happy thing to be addicted to!! smiles...
Jacinda wrote: Bluebell thanks so much for sharing! I agree with iferlamb! I'm also addicted to smile cards and little acts of kindness! It's so fun and it's such a great thing to be addicted to :) Lots of love and smiles, Jacinda
Aurelia wrote: Yup, You're addicted to Love! Sharing and Caring...keep it up!
FairyBubbles wrote: That is so lovely Bluebell -a fantastic way to live.
flowergirl wrote: what wonderfull adictions ,flowers ,smile cards ,acts of kindness and love ,if only this wondefull group of people could rule the world ,love and peace floergirl
sethi wrote: Abundance of love and care in you to share it with others around you . Thank you .
Sanyogita wrote: Ur spreading love n happiness all over.What a wonderful deed....

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