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Kindness Rewarded With a Book

--by Momtotwoand2, posted Mar 14, 2010

I've been handing out smile cards for quite a while now with the singular objective of seeing the person smile and today because of that I won a contest which was very cool!

My daily newspaper ran an article about 'spreading joy', and had a contest at the end of an article asking how people spread joy.  I entered and told them all about '' so people could check it out.  In today's newspaper I saw my name in print, I was one of 4 winners.  I won a book about Joy and Happiness!!

How about that??

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Readers Comments

myfbil wrote: That is super! Not only were you "rewarded" for spreading joy, but you received recognition for it, and sent others to this wonderful site!


Have a sunshine day! :)
iferlamb wrote: AWESOME! Maybe one day one of those happy little things will find it's way to me too. I am very happy for you! smiles...
Momtotwoand2 wrote: Thanks very much :) I'm sure something is waiting just around the corner when you least expect it!!
Aurelia wrote: Perfectly Wonderful. Congratulations.
You've inspired Many!
FairyBubbles wrote: That is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Love it to bits!!!
Bluebell wrote: Well done! Congratulations. Love and Light, Bluebell
JuneBug wrote: THAT'S GREAT !!! I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE !!!! :)
Sanyogita wrote: U have done fabulous job... Hope we get more n more members spreading SMILE everywhere.MAking it better place to live...
unknown wrote: Perfect !

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