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Paying It Forward!

--by Brad2, posted Aug 1, 2020
Hello my fellow Kndspringers,

I got something totally unexpected from one of my FB friends and her family this afternoon. You all know how generous I can be, catering and cooking delicious meals for elders and those hungry. Well, my stove broke down on Saturday, leaving me with no stove and people phoning  me for pizza.

My friends found out about this and found a free one for me today. They delivered it to my house this afternoon. I was caught completely off guard, due to shoulder injury, and they carried it into my house. All she said was "You do so much for others and help so many people, it ia the least that I can do, I'm just paying it forward..."

Wow, on the other side for a change, this must be how it feels when I do this for I know.....Peace
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Nugget wrote: Nice to read about the joys of kindness!
pluto178 wrote: Its all coming back to you when you need it most. X
Brad2 wrote: Yes, there is more...two young men showed up with a big box of fruit and vegetables, they heard about my shoulder and brought them to my house afterward. 10kms of potatoes, carrots, celery, corn on the cob, oranges, apples and mandarin oranges. More than I need or expected, this is a day I will not forget. My prayers got answered...
Mish wrote: So beautiful, dear Brad! Yes, that’s how you always make others feel....cared for & loved. Bless.❤️ ✌️
NoOnesNME wrote: Way to go Brad2! You're always on the other side to. Sometimes even helping others can prevent us from seeing that. Everybody wins, thanks for sharing, great to hear. Keep it up! Be well.
gardengal10 wrote: Oh, Brad! So happy that the kindness spirit was at your doorstep. Your kindness and goodness returned to you.
SissyLee wrote: Love to see that circle of kindness.
mindyjourney wrote: Bake on, my KS brother ! 🍕
DANCE wrote: How wonderful!

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