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Solidarity Stones

--by Ladybird1, posted Aug 3, 2020
Passed by a very very long row of prettily painted stones and pebbles beside a lake. Saw lots of love hearts and rainbow paintings. Some paintings looked really professional and many of them were children's works of art. One stone even had a ladybird painted on it.

This is part of a project by an anonymous person to "see how long the line of stones gets during the corona pandemic. Walkers and passers-by are welcome to paint their own stones and leave them there. according to a sign pinned on a nearby tree.

Isn't this a lovely way to show solidarity and get those creative juices flowing? I might just paint my own stone and leave it there. Thought it might inspire you to do something similar at your neck of the woods!
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Nugget wrote: Often people contribute to a stone/rock project on trails in the mountains. It gives such a feeling of warmth and connection to others even those we don't know,

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