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10 Year Old Taylin's Act Of Generosity!

--by abigailswarts, posted Jul 29, 2020
This post is a little long so please bear with me. So this year February, my daughter Taylin asked me if she could celebrate her 10th birthday with a few friends somewhere they could zip line.
I agreed and said I'll make the arrangements.

So I dragged my feet and meant to start phoning around by the end of March, but then Covid happened. I suggested we wait and see what happens. Whilst waiting I realized that her idea might not materialize.

I came up with plan B and asked if we should rather just make her a theme cake, we all dress up and just keep it simple,  he agreed. While planning the theme cake and having to submit our final draft, Taylin changes her mind on 14 June 2020.

She says "leave the cake and gifts and let me take the money and buy a few things for children who don't have". Me with my selfish thoughts almost tried to discourage her, but thank God my mother called her and my response was interrupted.

She went out and this gave me time to digest her idea. Upon return I asked "so tell me what do you have in mind for the children who don't have"." Well I want GIRLS only and they should be 9 turning 10 or just turned 10 this year. I want to give them toiletries, sweets, chips, chocolate and a giftthat they can use as their own."" OK, I will see what I can do."

The next day I got to work and called my number one go to person for advice and ideas - Cornel Pretorious. Her response was "Don't worry, I will help and have a few things she could use".

The short notice planning and run around started immediately. My fear was " Lord how and where do I get all the money with this child's outrageous request," but putting God first, he did what he always does best, PROVIDES.

A few doors opened and she had all her things. 2nd July came the day of her birthday, my heart broke in pieces having to wish my daughter a happy birthday without a gift or even a birthday cake. She really wanted nothing, my heart was heavy but so proud of her and her birthday gift to others.
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Christine88 wrote: That's beautiful of your daughter!
Mish wrote: Your daughter has a beautiful heart. Bless you both. 💕
scully wrote: Wow, it’s amazing how Taylin is so giving and thinking outside the box on her birthday, congrats on raising an awesome girl!
mindyjourney wrote: The best way to celebrate the gift of our birth, by giving back :))). What a dear soul is Taylin ❤️.

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