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Postal And Stranger Kindness

--by cyctw, posted Aug 5, 2020
The first stop on my nearly 25 mile bicycle ride today was the post office. I had four packages with Smile Cards to mail out, so I was already in a pretty good mood:). Cathy, who is one of the kindest and sweetest people I've met, is the postal worker who seems to help me out almost every time. She said, "it's always good to see you."

I was carrying a sandwich baggie with 2 peanut butter cookies that I had made the previous night. I asked if she liked peanut butter cookies and she said, "of course!" I offered them to her and she gladly accepted. Then I thought, wait...I have some heart pins in my bag. I took one out and gave it to her. She was so excited and couldn't stop smiling.

There was a customer next to me, who gladly accepted my offer of a heart pin, too. I told them that the pins had traveled a long way to be with them. As I left I could hear them, as they continued to talk about how wonderful that experience was. It seems to me that events like that should not be out of the ordinary. And they're not...sometimes we just need to look deeper. As is always the case, the kindness rebounded.

About 16 miles into my trip I was getting really thirsty. Of course, I didn't bring any water and it was pretty hot out. I stopped and knocked on the doors of several homes, but no one answered. Finally, at the fifth house a young man came to the door. I asked, "do you mind if I get some water from your garden hose?" "Go ahead," he said. So I turned on his hose, wet down my face and got a refreshing drink of water.

That brought me back to childhood when we were constantly drinking from the garden hose. Why'd we stop doing that? As I left his home, I placed a heart pin on his car where he would be sure to see it..
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Christine88 wrote: I loved those days of summer time, drinking from the water hose. Having fun.
mindyjourney wrote: A kind ride, my friend 🚲 ❤️!!! Grateful for each smile and heart and water drop! :)))
Nugget wrote: Congratulations for focusing on exercise and bless you for seeing opportunities to be kind as you do so!
Rajni wrote: When there is a will, there is a way. Your determination to be kinder is very inspiring. Postal workers provide us good services. They deserve appreciation and it will boost their enthusiasm to be kinder with smile on their face. Drinking water from the hose and living pin is very kind of you. Pin will serve the symbol of gratitude. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: How kind of you to offer so much along your way...Thank you!
Mish wrote: I’m totally in awe of your being able to do a 25 mile bike ride, and in the heat no less! I tip my hat to you, cyctw! And love how you always find ways to make folks feel loved. Bless ❤️

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