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--by kat94, posted Aug 10, 2020
I talked to my little sister today and asked her how school was going. She couldn't wait to tell me about the kindness that she's been doing.

Since the beginning of the school year, she's sacrificed one out of three recesses to help out in the kindergarten classroom. She's helped clean, helped the children put their coats on, and got activities set up for the next group that comes in for the afternoon.

 I told her how great it is that she's volunteering, at 11. She goes "yup, I'm like you now". Ha ha, made my day :)
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Rajni wrote: We all know that children learn from our actions. Your little sister rightly said "yup, i'm like you now". Your appreciation and encouragement will make your little sister, kinder sister. Attitude is a little thing but it does make a very big difference. Thanks for sharing.
Khokha wrote: Oh wow, what a compliment from your little, great one!
Nugget wrote: Little children are a perfect mirror for us to see ourselves in action! Very nice feedback for your!
Christine88 wrote: That is beautiful!
brindlegirl wrote: See what an impact you are having on the lives around you Kat?
sandyremillar wrote: Beautiful kind family! bless you, kat, for setting such a great example....
DotMatrix wrote: Aw this is such a great story and wow what a beautiful compliment. I have two younger sisters and this warms my heart. Thank you. ♥.
melnotes wrote: Oh wow go little sis!!!!! Such a great thing to be doing at her age and obviously you are an awesome role model :)
pluto178 wrote: You are a shining light........x
wavingatyou wrote: The kindness sisters :) <3

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