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Trash Clean-up Kindness

--by Mish, posted Aug 19, 2020
❤️This is about an anonymous kind act my husband did yesterday:

One of our next door neighbors, a good-hearted young man who often helps us & other neighbors out, seems to be “trash-challenged”. He lets his trash pile up & often neglects to put it at the curb for collection.

After hubby’s frequent mutters to me about the mess out there, he went out last night & bagged up everything & put it at the curb for collection...he did a great job, too.

Although he will never let our neighbor know, I am sure he knows it was my husband, because it’s not the first time he has done this for him.
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TheBigShelb wrote: Sounds like a win-win situation. 😊
gardengal10 wrote: Here's hoping that it might be a spark for the neighbor.
fairykats wrote: ((((((((((((((((Mr. MIsh)))))))))))))))))))))
rajni wrote: May this kindness inspire neighbor to bag trash and put curbside. Your husband did a very good job.
scully wrote: That’s awesome Mish! I got into the habit of picking up the empty garbage can for my neighbor..he began to pick up mine..and seems whoever of us is home first gets it for the’s win win..helps when driving into driveway, that the empty bin is not in the way..little things, mean big things
SissyLee wrote: Glad he is a good neighbor in other ways. Here is hoping that he will grow even a little more due to the inspiring act of Mr M!
Khokha wrote: So kind of him, mish. Maybe one day your neighbour's eyes will open, see the garbage gone and thank your husband! :))

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