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Looking Out For The Neighbours.

--by Ladybird1, posted Aug 22, 2020
I read in the local newspaper that a kindergarten in my village is affected by covid19.

Over 90 people people are in quarantine for 2 weeks. So, I made up a care parcel for our neighbours who have 2 young children with a watermelon, toilet roll (!), biccies and a note saying to call if they needed anything.

Turns out they are fine as their kids go to a different kindergarten!

Still, it felt good to reach out and they appreciated my kind gesture!
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Rajni wrote: Your compassionate heart did a wonderful job. True giving has no reserves. Nothing happens without a reason.
Nugget wrote: A simple kindness that just took awareness and some action! Thank you!
Khokha wrote: Really kind of you!

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