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Care for my neighbor's dog

--by SissyLee, posted Aug 23, 2020
I have a neighbor whose elderly dog is not doing so well.

This neighbor has health issues, too. I was sad and tired about the loss of my cat but I was also concerned for her and her dog as she lives alone. She doesn't like to phone or email.

I checked on her and they were doing ok and I felt better, too. We both love our animal friends so much. She left me a drawing she made of me, with Tom and Hazel taking a walk by her house. Our Hazel will go to her walkway and sit there, even if she is unavailable, and wait for awhile in hopes of a visit.

We help each other heal.
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Readers Comments

Linda Roman wrote: Thoughtful, kindness and caring do not have to be complicated or hard to do as you just showed.
Mish wrote: So touchingly beautiful my eyes filled. Bless all of you. Wonderful Diablo share, Sissy ❤️
mindyjourney wrote: We do indeed help each other heal, my friend 🐱 ❤️. Thank you.
petroskryf wrote: What a special connection you have through your animals. Thank you for reaching out to your neighbor despite your own loss.🐾🌻
Nugget wrote: Animals allow us universal connections and opportun ities to be kind!
gardengal10 wrote: It sounds as if this act didn't take much time, but it must have meant a lot.
balou wrote: So sweet of your neighbour to give you a drawing. And so kind of you to go visit her. Losing a dear animal is always so difficult, but the joy they bring into our lives is immense.

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