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Kindness awards to kids

--by kat94, posted Aug 24, 2020
This evening I gave all the kids in my group kindness awards. I've been volunteering at this organization for kids for about 2 months now and I love it. Most of the children in our care struggle with some form of a mental health issue.

Today I noticed how well all the kids were playing with each other. The kids were patient, playing nicely with each other, taking turns at games, using nice language, and the girls were working hard on their bracelets that I taught them to make (it was pretty tricky).

So I noted the particular strengths each child demonstrated and wrote them each a personalized award. Their faces were beaming. They couldn't wait to tell their parents of all the good things they did. I'll be sure to do this more often.

Doesn't it feel awesome when people point out our strengths?
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Linda Roman wrote: Such kindness and caring! Thank you for sharing this!
mindyjourney wrote: I would give you a KINDNESS award too, dear Kat <3.
melnotes wrote: This is wonderful Kat, what a gem you are sharing your loving light with these beautiful children :)
sandyremillar wrote: so sweet and kind of you....bless you!
pluto178 wrote: Wow you have brought tears to my wonderful for those kids to have someone so kind and attentive in their corner.. what you did is second nature to you but rare in most people. You really do have something special......I cant wait to see where it takes you x
wavingatyou wrote: So very lovely :)
mish wrote: So (((((YOU))))). Definite earth angel. x

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