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Plum Dumpling Love for My Sis

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 24, 2020

Sister mentioned wistfully how much she used to love Mom’s plum dumplings and “witzie noodles.”

I hadn’t made the old world recipe in years, probably when Mom first showed me how to make the potato/flour dough, wrap around a plum, boil and then serve in a pan of warm buttered bread crumbs. The noodles are the rolled dough, minus the plums.

The recipe was hard-copy saved in a rough homemade cookbook I had painstakingly assembled as holiday gifts early in our marriage, when I had plenty of time, an electric typewriter and little money :))).

As I boiled and mashed, kneaded and rolled, I could feel my Mom’s presence near. She expressed her love through cooking and as I followed her recipe (which was her mother’s), the continuity of that love flowed through my hands as well. Chills ran up and down my spine, a sign of a spiritual presence for me.

 I am so very grateful that I followed the nudge to make and share some dumpling love the last time I saw my sister, since she is now in the hospital, recovering from a hip replacement due to a recent fall.

 Never leave something undone, my friends, especially when you feel that nudge. Often it’s a direction to not only follow your heart, but it also signifies a deeper inner connection with a Higher Power.

 Requesting prayers for my sister in her recovery. Her courage, strength, humor and grace are a testament to living with chronic and debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.
Thank you 🙏.

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pluto178 wrote: Food prepared with love is the most wholesome food you can eat. X
lgriebster wrote: Prayers on there way. So wonderful to begin the healing by just doing what is within our reach.
rajni wrote: I pray to Almighty God to help heal your sister under His loving care and bring keep her to normalcy.

Kindness cooking has no time limit, it is ever green.

Your making Mom’s plum dumplings and “witzie noodles.” and inspiring others is commendable. Thanks for sharing.
Khokha wrote: This brought back happy memories for both of you.Prayers for her speedy recovery
scully wrote: Awesome and yummy looking Mindy! Prayers to your sister and her full recovery❤️🙏 thanks for inspiring
Nugget wrote: Very inspiring to do action not just thinking about action!
Mish wrote: I do believe that family recipe holds healing power, twinnie and am holding your beloved sister in light for good recovery. Visualizing her with a smile on her face & feeling love all around her.
Christine88 wrote: Look delicious
gardengal10 wrote: What a loving treat! Sorry to hear about your sister's fall. Hope that she makes a speedy recovery.

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