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Citizens Of The World

--by Khokha, posted Aug 25, 2020
We have, like in many more countries, refugees in our country.

Through the years I have tried to help by teaching women our country's language as a volunteer.

They have to learn the language, but also our culture: for instance what to say when they have to go to the doctor. Or we visit a hospital just to see what's going on in such a place, or we visit a farm where they are making cheese.

Only by learning the language they will be able to integrate into our society. Once a year, just before Christmas break all the women from different countries make delicious snacks which are served for us all together.

Many times I have noticed that it seems easier for women to accept any help than men. Probably because of the children that they have to raise. Men are working outside.

Problems with the kids mostly occur when parents drift apart, sometimes due to being in a different country with a different religious culture and another lifestyle. The women are often homesick and stressed, because they have to get used to this life as quickly as possible. I have seen the fear and pain in their eyes. It is so good to give some comfort in one way or the other.

Even just to be there for them. And really great when you make friends. I was there when one of them was in labor and I saw her son being born. That was a long time ago, but a sweet memory. Nowadays he is a film director and his brother a psychologist here.

They and many more new people are trying to establish their own home in this new country. Sometimes I see fear in the eyes of native people as well, asking themselves: how far will it go and will there be enough for us? God only knows.

Will we be able to ring the bell in time of trouble, for everyone? It is a big confrontation. And nowadays at times it looks almost broken. But I trust it isn't. Through the cracks of our imperfection hopefully the light will get in. Because where can we go, we are in here together, we citizens of the world. 

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Nugget wrote: Thank you for sharing and for this caring for those in need.
Rajni wrote: Indian scriptures say" (vasudhaiva kutumbakam), the whole world is one family. Probably without knowing you are following it. Your compassionate heart shows, in teaching refugees regional language without it they are not able to do much. Your encouragement is badly needed for them. You are doing a very good job. May god bless you all.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being the positive change, my friend. Keep faith and hope that LOVE will prevail. 🙏 🌎 🕊
Khokha wrote: Thank you
patjos wrote: Yes, I hope that the Light comes in too - and through angels such as yourself. More and more we become one family.
Mish wrote: Thank you for sharing this with us & for being there for others in their time of need. Yes, we are in here together indeed. 🙏

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