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Doing For Others When We Can

--by cyctw, posted Sep 7, 2020
I'm trying to do what my heart says, rather than waiting for my brain to give permission.
As I was standing in line at Safeway the other day, there was a gentleman who seemed to be hesitating between standing in line behind me or the line next to us. As if thinking, which line will be faster?

I asked him to give me his items so that I could purchase them for him. He declined. I asked again, being more insistent. He finally acquiesced.

I feel grateful that I was able to do something for another human being...someone for whom I should do much more.
We exchanged a ONEderFULL fist bump (don't judge me for breaking Covid-19 protocol!). In another time, I would've given him a huge hug <3.
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yashesh worah wrote: Just understood, a good deed is actually more good for the doer,observe that after the act that hallo of happiness and smile lasts longer then the tasty food you eat or luxury you enjoyed
pluto178 wrote: Lol I did laugh at this...........give me or else......I hope I see you in my queue real soon lol x
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful the man allowed you an opportunity for kindness :)))). Big hugs and fist bumps :))
petroskryf wrote: You did a great, kind thing. I am sure that man will always remember your encounter.
Khokha wrote: Something good for both of you
scully wrote: Awesome to help out another
Rajni wrote: Your attitude of gratitude gave you kindness opportunity. Thanks for showing us nicer way to keep dignity of others and help with politeness.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for caring

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