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Reaching Out

--by Nugget, posted Sep 11, 2020
Yesterday I rustled through my greeting card drawer and found some oldies but goodies. I thought about several people whom I have not been in contact with for sometime and a couple that I have.

After two hours, I had several cards ready for to hand off to the USPS, including an anonymous note to the USPS thanking them for their service, which I put in the box along with the stamped mail.

It has been joyful to know these surprise notes are going to be received in the next few days. No expenditure except a little postage; used what I had. And all it took was for me to allow myself some time to think of friends and family.
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bikekitty wrote: I love this idea! Thank you for sharing :-)
mindyjourney wrote: Nothing like a snail mail letter, is nice too :). BTW, did you ever receive the PDF of our KS poetry book “Imagine?”
Andicas wrote: What a good feeling!
Khokha wrote: It's so good to let them know that you're thinking about them.

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