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Who Got the Bigger Surprise!

--by Butterkind, posted Sep 14, 2020
Some of my friends went as a group to cheer up a senior friend of mine who was feeling very depressed due to her inability to travel, a disability of the hand and a few other things. We went to cheer her up and give her flowers, cards (she adores Rumi so we made Rumi posters as seen in the picture) and food, but her kind grateful  spirit touched us all far more!

She was warm and open and expressed how she had been feeling lately. She was in tears to see us all. All of us were filled with gratitude for everyone’s presence and for a shared understanding and love. We played a couple of uplifting songs on a portable music player (Carey Pearce - It won't always be like this.)

 One of our friends had woke up at 5 am to make cheesecake bread loaves and chex mix for all of us. It was a sweet surprise!

It was a touching day for me to feel that we are all connected as the vehicles of the Divine.My kids had joined me too and they too were touched by this experience.

I went to surprise my friend but I got the bigger surprise! :))
“To offer your smiles to someone

To borrow or share in someone’s grief

To have love in your heart for someone

That is the way of life” - a song translation

Gratitude to all KS souls for their stories and encouragement in practicing kind deeds.
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Nugget wrote: Abundance of kindness! Thank you for this inspiring share!
DANCE wrote: How very kind, all of you!
Mish wrote: Blessed sharings 🙏
Khokha wrote: What a great thing to do for your friend. Thank you for sharing!
mindyjourney wrote: We are after all...all in this together 🌎 ❤️. Thank you for encouraging friend with such a loving collection of support. 🕊
LoveyDovey wrote: Very kind....thanks for sharing!

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