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Random Notes of Kindness

--by brindlegirl, posted Sep 25, 2020
I finished another book today, one I had borrowed from the library. And like I do with all the books I borrow from the library, I place a post it note and stuck it randomly amongst the pages for the next person who checks out the book to find. I love doing this, as I always imagine what a surprise it must be for the person who finds it ♥
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maddismall wrote: Really like that, how nice. Would love to be on the receiving end of that myself :)
ItsHoku wrote: Love your story! When we travel i bring several books i get at a used book store or yard sale, leave it in the night stand at the hotel, in the pocket of the airplane or give it to the flight attendant (when we could), with a little note in it!
itshoku wrote: I do the same! When we travel, i bring a few books, leave it in the nightstand with a little note! Love your story!
DotMatrix wrote: Aw I love this! It would totally make my day if I found this. Awesome idea. =) {{{{Brindlegirl}}}}
sandyremillar wrote: I'd be thrilled with the idea! I'm going to imitate this!!! Divine inspiration.....
wavingatyou wrote: Great surprise :)
pluto178 wrote: Libraries would never close now with you in charge.......I love to write in the margins of my own books and then give them away and wonder what people make of my thoughts when they acquire the book. x
kat94 wrote: "Wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure"..I like this. Nice message. I'll have to do the same
mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful you, dear brindle. Thank you for the loving kindness.
mish wrote: Me your idea & hope to do same. You are so wonder-full x

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