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Flowers For A Flower Child.

--by Ladybird1, posted Oct 4, 2020
Today, on a whim, I bought a cheery little bunch of flowers for a really lovely shop owner (on the way from the bank so I could pay her for my wares).

We had enjoyed a lovely chat and she revealed she was a real hippie flower child. Nice chats about our love for California, the Giant Redwoods and Indian culture and jewelery.

Also, I felt a bit sad because she doesn't want to go travelling any more since her husband died and she is closing her shop (prob because of corona).

So, I handed her the flowers and said I had never met a real hippie flower child and thought she'd love the poesie. Also said I would think of her next time I would go over to the States! She said she had enjoyed chatting with me and wished me all the very best.

And I think she was about to cry when I left her unwrapping the flowers.

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