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Gratitude For Essential Workers

--by Mish, posted Oct 13, 2020
I had been waiting for a “large-size” delivery person to come to our door since I started handing out the gratitude t-shirts, shown in the graphic, a few months ago.

There was one left, but it was an oversized one and no one whom it could fit appeared at our door, until our bell rang at dawn (yes, dawn, lol...we get early Fresh Direct grocery deliveries).  A husky delivery guy greeted me. Perfect, I thought. I grabbed the shirt and asked him if I could give him an “appreciation t-shirt”. His beautiful smile 😃 made my morning.

Ongoing, deep appreciation for the people who make these home deliveries possible during the ongoing pandemic. 🙏
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Helenconnell2 wrote: These people who keep everything going are so important - thank you for making his day x
mindyjourney wrote: yay!!! Universe finally delivered the right-sized person to receive :)))). Thank you..I’m sure he was tickled 😊
gardengal10 wrote: You certainly made the day for this delivery employee.
Khokha wrote: The shirt was waiting for him :))

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