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Giving With Anonymity Is My Favorite!

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Oct 12, 2020
Overheard Someone Having A Bad Day.

I was in the drive through last night grabbing some dinner after a long and busy day. After I ordered and pulled up to let the next person order, I heard her saying to her passenger how she has had a really bad day. When I got to the window to pay for my meal, I paid for theirs too.

I told the cashier that I heard her say she had a bad day and I thought this might help if just a bit. I asked him to say something nice to cheer her up as well. A chance for her to receive a couple of kind acts in one stop!

I drove off before she got to the window so she couldn't see that I did it. Anonymity is my favorite way to deliver kindness! I hope it brought a little kindness to what sounded like a tough day!

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cabbage wrote: Beautiful--love that it was anonymous :-) you made my day too!
Christine88 wrote: Very, very sweet
Khokha wrote: Great! And I like the anonimity way she did it.
LoveyDovey wrote: brightened my day and put a smile on my face, too! Thanks for your kindness. Have a wonderful weekend!
Mish wrote: I bet you not only made her day, but also put a big smile on the cashier’s face too, MSS. 👍❤️
mindyjourney wrote: Nice random act of kindness, my friend :))). Thank you for being such a positive force! I know I feel happier reading your post 😊
DANCE wrote: Thank you for doing this

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