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A Morning Kindness Walk

--by jobxavier, posted Oct 20, 2020
On my morning walk today, I saw a college girl share some chocolates with three street children, who called after her smiling, "Thank you!"

Next I watched a security guard move to the opposite side of the street to help an old lady cross.

As for me, my chance to help was when I saw a lady with a small child trying to gather her fallen, scattered vegetables. I offered to hold the restless boy while she picked up all her produce.

It felt good to see the kindness around me and to have a chance to help.
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Dobby wrote: Great idea to stop and just look around us, where we are. When i go thru road construction that has the flaggers, i smile and wave to them. They enjoy that. My guess is they get a lot of scowls.
melnotes wrote: Wonderful acts of kindness :) you make this world a better place! Thank you :)
pluto178 wrote: The world it is a changing.............for the better I see more kindness and less homelessness than ever before.........x
wavingatyou wrote: Kindness makes the world go 'round :)
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness and goodness :)))). Many thanks, friend.
oakjane wrote: Brightened up this rainy morning reading this. Thank you. x
mish wrote: Bless x

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