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Spreading the Warmth When It's Freezing

--by kat94, posted Oct 25, 2020
Before leaving for school this morning, I shoveled my driveway and sidewalk. It was cold and I was ready to head for warmth. But then I glanced a few houses down at the house where my elderly neighbour lives. He doesn't receive much help, so I â€‹shoveled his sidewalk and driveway. What a surprise it probably was when he woke up. 

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Lea wrote: Oh, what a kind thing to do. Can you imagine the surprised look and smile on his face when he saw what a "mysterious friend" did for him. I love this.
cabbage wrote: Awwww--as someone with elderly parents who live far away, i am always so thankful that they have kind neighbors who help out with snow shoveling. So i thank you for doing this for him---and i'm sure his family would appreciate it too. I always think that everyone out there is somebody's mother, brother, father, sister. And we are all family.
mish wrote: I know you made him very happy!! Bless you x
Love2Day wrote: so thoughtful of you, and I LOVE the picture, so cute :)
biskuvi wrote: You are so kind! :) Thank you for being such a nice person :)
melnotes wrote: Wonderful Kat :) Lovely gesture and great pic!
DotMatrix wrote: This is awesome!! Well done. =) ♥.
pluto178 wrote: I always remember a customer saying to a member of staff 'Civility costs nothing" it went right to the heart for me and I have operated on this premise ever many of the things that make a difference cost nothing in monetary terms but have a great deal of value x
wavingatyou wrote: Wonderful thing to do! Bless you <3
OliviaMyers wrote: So cute<3

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