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Gifts of Food, Time, and Joy in Celebration

--by Rajni, posted Oct 23, 2020
I visited the supermarket to buy some groceries for a homeless family living across the supermarket, as well as for me.

While the cashier was scanning my cart full of groceries, a man came behind me in line with one item. I asked him to allow me to pay. He agreed. I paid, thanked him, and gave him a birthday card, Smile Cards, and bookmarks. 

Before all my items were scanned, a second man arrived in the line with two small cookie packages. I offered to pay for his items, too. He agreed and gave me his items. After the cashier rang them up and gave them back to me, I returned the cookies to the man. He tried to reimburse me. I asked him not to pay me, but to pay it forward to people in need. I gave him a birthday card, Smile Cards, and bookmarks, too.

I gave the groceries to the homeless family who was waiting. They needed something extra, so I gave them money.

I also paid extra to rickshaw driver.

All this was in honor of my son's marriage anniversary. He seemed happy to know the way I celebrated.
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cabbage wrote: What a lovely way to share your son's celebration!
healingtree wrote: So beautiful. Bless you.
mindyjourney wrote: What a wonderful way to celebrate such a happy occasion! Happy Anniversary to your son and his wife 💕.
Mish wrote: Your generosity knows no bounds. Bless you. 🙏
dotmatrix wrote: Oh Rajni. Your story touched my heart so much. What a beautiful way to celebrate love. *deep bows of appreciation for you* dear friend. ♥.

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