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A New Pair Of Sneakers

--by hap7997, posted Oct 24, 2020
While shopping I came across a young woman trying on sneakers.  She told me her mom advised her to go get some sneakers as she was expecting a baby and her feet were already starting to swell. I told her I liked the shoes she was trying on.  We visited more about her pregnancy. She was only 14 weeks along and seemed very excited. She told me that she just moved back in with her mom in anticipation of the baby.

As I began to wrap up our conversation I told her she should definitely get the sneakers if they were comfortable because they looked good. She asked me if I knew if they had layaway because the sneakers were a little bit beyond her budget, but she really liked them.

Her question took me back to my youth. I grew up relatively poor. Kids with more would make fun of my brother and me as they watched our mother pick furniture out of the trash. I was flooded with emotions and with a compulsion to help her.

I asked her if I were to give her $20 toward the sneakers if she would buy them. She started crying immediately. It seemed like she wasn't sure if she should say yes.  She accepted the money after I made up a lil white lie about winning some money the previous day. She grabbed her sneakers, hugged me tight, thanked me a hundred times, and ran right up to the register without looking at a single other item the store had.
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job of helping that girl buy the sneakers she wanted to buy.
Fionna wrote: What a beautiful kindness. There is no doubt that you too will be rewarded one day. Your story touched my core. God bless your kind and loving heart.
bikekitty wrote: So sweet - what a loving way to pass on some kindness. No doubt you made her day!
cabbage wrote: Wow--what a beautiful kindness! Xoxoxoxo way to follow your heart
Lea wrote: What a wonderful thing to do. I can imagine the conversation she had with her mother about a kind stranger. These are the stories that people tell again through the years. And i bet one day when she can she'll remember your kindness and do something for someone else.
Andicas wrote: That's such a lovely story. Thanks for following through with your thought, and thanks for sharing it with us.
gyrocloudy wrote: This was really nice. =) That hug is priceless.
Mish wrote: How caring & kind an act of kindness. Bless you both ❤️🙏
patjos wrote: Thank you. I too sometimes tell that sort of white lie :)))
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Love this story! It is great that you had a nice conversation with her and then found a way to spread kindness. Keep up the great work!

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