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A Personal Touch That Helped My Uneasiness

--by Aurelia, posted Mar 26, 2010

Times are  hard and the money is getting harder and harder to come by. My husband becoming unemployed again has caused a real strain on everything. We've started even thinking of moving out of state! We had hoped to wait until my youngest got through High School, but are now having some doubts if we can wait that long. So I've been on the web searching areas to move to.

Yesterday I'm sitting outside enjoying the perfect weather and the phone rings...its a realtor from South Carolina. You see, I had to create an account to browse different houses for she had my home number. 

This realtor was so nice and when she realized I wasn't familiar with the town I was house shopping in, she immediately said she would email me some of her personal photos of the area so I could see how lovely it is.  And she did! 

Just that personal touch from her has made my feeling of uneasiness a little better.

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Sydney wrote: Aurelia, i'm sorry to hear that you have to move under these circumstances but i'm sure it will be a good thing for south carolina or wherever you go, as i'm sure that you will spread lots of smiles and happiness there! I look forward to reading about it.
RobinBee wrote: thnaks so much for the comment it made my day!! just keep praying.
flowergirl wrote: Aurelia that is a good sign ,if folks are that kind it could be a good move .I'm sure it would be better for your son to have a family that is relaxed than stay put and be woried sick about things .Good luck and fingers crossed for you ,love and peace flowergirl
vsoul wrote: Perfect weather was nature's personal are so kind and fine human bei9ng that you ought to attract kindness.Bless you Aurelia.
quiltbag wrote: take each day as a new day with gods help things will change and pray each day for help and he bless u for u work
JuneBug wrote: S.C IS A BEAUTIFUL STATE !!! I have been there a few times myself...The mountains are gorgeous !!! Maybe this a good thing within something you might feel as a bad situation...Time will tell ! PLUS you will be closer to the BUG !!! How great is that???? :)
wayfarer wrote: Scotland's nice AND you already have friends there!!! God bless you, Aurelia!
unknown wrote: Auree, how I wish I can help you ... but for now limited to blessing you and your husband with return of your best times shortly. Your firmness and faith will never be turned away by Lord ... Let me offer you my hand ... lovingly, deepula :)
Bluebell wrote: I wish you all the best for your house hunt and being close to our beloved Bug is a bonus. I am sure that Heaven is providing the best for you on Earth. Love and Light, Bluebell
JuneBug wrote: See? Bluebell knows !!!! Things happen for a reason, Aurelia...Maybe you can hang with me and never look at the world the same !! LOL!! :)

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