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Voicing gratitude to a stranger

--by aias4im, posted Oct 27, 2020
Expressing one's appreciation to a stranger who shows kindness is warming for both souls. My son is currently in the midst of applying for college courses and mothers tend to assume an increased role of researcher/secretary.

I called up the admissions department to gain advice about completing the application process , speaking with a wonderful woman who was a fellow mother of a boy one year older than mine.

What struck me was her genuine care and helpfulness, taking time to give reassurance and perspective on our scenario. A rare trait when overall individuals are too much in a rush or distracted to give meaningful support.

Nearing the end of our call I voiced my deeply felt gratitude for her empathetic and attentive communication and by her initial silence as she processed the compliment I could tell she was a humble soul who was not used to being thanked for being wonderful in her role...her voice notably was elated and we both wished each other a wonderful rest of the day.

Afterwards I felt a warm tingle which I'm sure she experienced too so everyone, show gratitude with words for the support strangers give.
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cabbage wrote: Beautiful act of kindness--thank you for taking the time to tell her that.
Dobby wrote: This reminds me of a call i had last month. We had forgotten to make a payment on one of our credit cards we are paying off and we got a call from them to pay for the month. So i did as well as the next month and at the end of the call, he thanked me for being so nice! I was kind of shocked, said you're very welcome and i'm sorry that you get grief from others. We both wished each other a great day. When i hung up, it made me think of how easy it is to be mean to call center people. It was also a good reminder of how something i didn't even think twice about really meant something to another.
Mish wrote: Welcome to KindSpring 🙏
Mish wrote: Love these kind of deep connection moments. How truly lovely. Bless.❤️
fairykats wrote: As someone who works in the college university setting, I certainly understand the frustration, being endlessly transferred from department to department, and no one taking the time to really 'hear' the questions. I am so glad that you found someone who helped you!
dotmatrix wrote: Really wonderful you met such a kind and helpful person and that you told her how grateful you were. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: The kindness of strangers allows us to realize that no one is really a stranger, only a friend we’ve just met :). Thank you for sharing with us.

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