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18 Small Acts to Change the World

--by cabbage, posted Nov 8, 2020
1.  Stop by a cafe run by differently-abled folks. These are tough times for small business owners so every bit helps.

2.  Visit independent book sellers.

3.  Share inspirational films with students and friends.  An example is "Bending the Arc" about how Partners in Health came to be.

4.  Bake for folks and send goodies through the mail. 

5.  Phone-bank to get out the VOTE!

6.  Encourage colleagues and students with positivity and express appreciation for them.

7.  Find AWE in every day by digging in the garden and just noticing every living creature.

8.  Plant seeds after harvesting summer crops.

9.  Take close up photos of beautiful flowers and send one each day to someone who is going through a health issue. 

10.  Try to keep calm and positive so energy will have a positive effect on others. 

11. Call and connect with old friends every day

12.  Write encouraging emails to students -- those taking board exams, doing interviews, etc.

13.  Gather groceries to donate. 

14.  Make treats for the volunteers at the local soup kitchen.

15.  Make food for grad students who live alone and drop it off. 

16.  Express appreciation to my spouse. 

17.  Sent old photos to family to reminisce about a celebration. 

18.  Call parents every day.

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Christine88 wrote: Beautiful examples
dotmatrix wrote: So many beautiful kindnesses, Cabbage. Well done and thanks so much for sharing them. Feels like I've followed a bright bouncing sphere of light and compassion throughout the day. ♥.
lt33 wrote: Wow doing so many nice things for others 😀
DANCE wrote: All very well done, kindness and love
mindyjourney wrote: So many ways to continue being kind, my friend :). Thank you!!!!
Mish wrote: You so fill my heart, my friend. Bless you. 🙏
Khokha wrote: So many good things, Cabbage! Keep it up!!
Helenconnell2 wrote: A great list!

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