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Turning a Thanksgiving Deal Into a Gift for Two Familiies

--by AnnC, posted Nov 24, 2020

I was blessed with an opportunity to help others enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Our local food market made this offer: buy one turkey, stuffing mix, a five-pound bag of potatoes, a can of vegetables, a can of cranberry sauce, and a gravy mix, and they would provide one each of the same items for free. If you wished to donate one or both of the turkeys, the store offered to keep them en until just before Thanksgiving when the Boy Scouts and the Food Bank would deliver them to needy families.

Since it would just be my husband and me for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to purchase and donate both turkeys and all the fixings. In addition to the above-mentioned items, we took advantage of "buy one, get one offers" on canned pumpkin and dessert mixes. The items were all very reasonably priced and we were able to provide two families with a full meal for a total grocery bill of under $25.  I will continue to be on the lookout for such offers so that I can stretch my giving budget as well as my giving muscles.
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Rajni wrote: Your kind heart did a wonderful job. Taking advantage of special deals and donate more is a very inspiring habit. May others get inspired. Thanks for sharing.
Heather wrote: Despite everything that is going 'off the rails' in your beautiful country now (i'm a canadian) yours hearts are always open to others-bless you all.
Christine88 wrote: Very very nice.
balou wrote: Wonderful opportunity to give. And i am sure the families who eceived your generous gifts had a beautiful day yesterday. As you hopefully had as well!
bluebuddha wrote: This warmed my heart! Kudos to you for helping other families share a great meal on a holiday!
Deb wrote: Awesome - what a blessing, ann!
Dobby wrote: What a great idea that store has!
linda wrote: How alert of you to notice this offer!
Mindful wrote: GREAT story, many hands working together to help others- we need to share more stories like this and a lot less of what we see in the news on negativity.
DotMatrix wrote: This is a wonderful story of kindness. Thank you so much for sharing it Ann. =) I one year tried to get my Acme to donate the unwanted turkeys to a DV shelter where I volunteered. It didn't work out but I've forgotten exactly why. You've just given me an idea for Monday's rx4healing though: "What to do with your free turkey." =) Thanks again.

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