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Making Time For Co-workers

--by gearden, posted Nov 10, 2020
A long time co-worker was retiring. She worried no one would show up for her retirement dinner. (It's often difficult for people to do dinner after work).

I found four co-workers to attend to make sure this colleague knew she was appreciated. It was a small group but we made sure she knew we all would miss her.
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Christine88 wrote: That is very sweet. Lately people don't want anything. They just want to get the heck out of here and no celebration. Not me. I want the works honey child. Good for you! Congratulations on her retirement too.
sandyremillar wrote: That was beautiful of you all to make it to the dinner....she will not forget it and surely appreciates it!
Novice50 wrote: What a great and lasting way to support someone you cared about. Spreading kindness...
Mish wrote: Bless x
wavingatyou wrote: She needed that :) thank you
mindyjourney wrote: So wonderful your dear kindness <3. Many thanks to you and colleagues who attended dinner.
melnotes wrote: Thats lovely :)

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