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A Kindness "Chain Reaction" in a Traffic Jam

--by JeanieMarie, posted Mar 31, 2010

My 17 year old granddaughter is an accomplished flutist.  She recently gave a farewell recital to her friends and family at her high school in Chicago, which was followed by a homemade buffet supper. 

After the recital, she had a 3 hour drive home with her mother and sister.  They decided to load up the car with the left-over food from the recital, which included barbequed sandwiches and cream puffs.  They packed the food on plates which they placed in zip-lock bags.

On the drive back, they stopped to give the zip-lock bags to homeless people along the way.  At one junction, there was a traffic jam even though the lights were green.  My granddaughter decided to run through the cars to take a plate to a person on the side walk.  As she ran back, some of the other cars started to honk their horns.

The lights had already turned red, so my daughter turned around to look at the other cars rather disgustedly. To her surprise, she saw the other drivers waving and smiling at them.  Those drivers then started to hand out cans of soda to the homeless person!

Talk about passing on kindness to others, what a beautiful "chain reaction" in a traffic jam!   

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helpinghand wrote: Wow. What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.
Lots of love and smiles.
WausauFamily wrote: very nice story! Thank you for posting.
unknown wrote: Jeaniemarie, I just loved hearing your post. God bless you all beautiful fairies :)
Bluebell wrote: It's beautiful to see acts of kindness in the most unexpected places, like a traffic jam. Love and Light, Bluebell
Rebecca48 wrote: Lovely story! It is very nice to hear stories like that! =) Thanks.
EnglishRose wrote: What a lovely thing to happen, reminds me of the butterfly and the hurricane story, any action no matter how small can cause ripples that get bigger and bigger. Say a big well done to her from me I am the same age as her and used to play the flute too, coincidence eh haha :D lots of love xxx
iferlamb wrote: Too awesome! I am so glad others caught the wave!!! - of kindness...
Jacinda wrote: What a lovely and beautiful story! Thank you JeanieMarie so much for sharing! Small acts of kindness can surely create a snowball effect! Reading stories like this really make my day :) I hope you have a wonderful day. Love and smiles, Jacinda

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