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Offering Food To Neighbors

--by sandyremillar, posted Nov 15, 2020
My next door neighbor's dad died a few days ago so I offered supper for her and her two teen daughters. When I arrived with the dish, naturally they asked what was in it.

So I didn't go into the detail that it is turkey meat (ha! I'll get a kick of telling them later) and a mix of mashed potato and sweet potato. I made sure flavors were friendly and no exotic seasonings nor olives, etc, which I personally love.

One of the girls looked at me like "ugh" so I told her, "taste it and tell me if you like it." I don't know anyone that doesn't like my food!

Well, I left and Carla texted that this teen had 3 portions! lol She was very thankful. I was very satisfied to bring a good meal to them.
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jia wrote: hmm hows that possible to find a person who dont like the food you cooked... you cook it with so much love sandy.. keep smiling.. my lovely friend...
pluto178 wrote: Looks Yummy x
melnotes wrote: You are the best Sandy :)
wavingatyou wrote: Happy tummies happy hearts (: <3
mindyjourney wrote: How very kind you are and such good neighbor :)). Agree with jia, cooked with love makes everything taste that much more delicious.
mish wrote: :)))))))))
sandyremillar wrote: thank you all for your loving comments....(((hugs)))

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