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A Birthday Lunch With An Extra Smile

--by machickwa, posted Mar 30, 2010

My son and I were out of town for the weekend.  Whilst we were out and about, we found a little cafe and decided to have lunch there.  After we had sat down at our table, I noticed an elderly couple having lunch at a table across the room.  I must have looked over at them a few times because my son asked me if I knew them.  I replied that I didn’t, but that they reminded me of my own grandparents. 

When the waitress came over, I asked her if she knew them.  She said she did.  She said it was the elderly man’s birthday today.  I wanted to do something for them so I told the waitress that I wanted to pay for their lunch and gave her some money. 

Sometime later, the elderly couple came over to thank us.  They were so excited that someone had bought them lunch and wanted to meet my son and I.  They said that they had been a little sad because their own son and daughter seemed to have forgotten his birthday but they were really cheered up by our gesture. 

My son was surprised that I had paid for this couple that we didn’t know and asked me why I did it.  I smiled at him and replied that my grandparents used to go out for lunch to celebrate their birthdays in the same way and it just felt like the right thing to do to make this couple smile, especially on their birthday.


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dgrav wrote: What a sweet story. I think sometimes "grandparent aged" people are the most genuinely touched by acts of kindness. And what a great example you set for your son.
lola wrote: That was sweet and nice, god bless them, i wish the world was more like that
Bluebell wrote: Blessed be your kind heart. Love and Light and a thousand smiles, Bluebell
Sanyogita wrote: Great kindness...May God Bless u always...

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