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From picking fruits to top notch-cooking

--by Butterkind, posted Dec 3, 2020
One act of kindness is leading to another. And as it is continuing new friendships are forming and existing ones are strengthening.

My elderly neighbor called me and my daughter to pluck fruits from her tree as the fruits were high and it was required to step on a huge ladder to get them.
After an hour spent chatting and picking the fruits, she treated us with refreshing lemonade with ice and soda. She also gave us plenty of fruits to distribute to our friends.

I then distributed them to three other senior friends of mine. One of them (75+ years) gave me a piping hot tomato rasam (curry) in a container to take home. It was so authentic and so yum that I had to ask her about it. She told me that her mom and grand mom were both top-notch cooks and she learned it from them, when she was helping them in her youth.

Wow! this was totally unexpected and interesting to know and the best part is that she has invited me again and has agreed that we will prepare the dish together. I feel very grateful by these friendships and connections. kindness and friendship go hand in hand.
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lindariebel wrote: I love it when one thing leads to another like this.
Mish wrote: Bless you all, Butterkind 🙏
OlivierChhu wrote: That's a wonderful chain of acts of kindness :-)
Khokha wrote: Great sharing, Butterkind!
mindyjourney wrote: Love how that kindness bears fruit in so any delicious ways! Agree re recipe share :)))).
patjos wrote: Oh, that sounds lovely. You will need to share the recipe with us! :)))

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