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Neighbor Kindness

--by Mish, posted Nov 21, 2020

My first attempt to do a kindness act was thwarted, as someone had already put my neighbors' garbage bins back after trash had been collected :)). The anonymous RAKer put ours back as well. :)))

Wanted to do today's RAKs on our block, for World Kindness Day, & thanks to our mailman (who mixed up the mail & delivered a few neighbors' mail to us by mistake) I was able to, by taking their mail to them.

Then, one neighbor came over & very sheepishly asked if I would bird/house-sit for her again when they go away for a few days at the end of the month. I recently did this when they went on vacation to Italy, so she felt funny asking again so soon (family business this time, not vacay). I could see she was struggling, so I smiled & jumped in & told her I would be happy to before she asked....little did she know she was doing me a favor by allowing me to fulfill my desire to do neighbor RAKs today. :)))))

Lovin' this kindness game!!

Poor Hook ( their parrot), he is not a happy camper when they go away...he takes a good few days you warm up to me & calm down. Maybe he will remember me from recent caretaking.
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Christine88 wrote: Very very nice
Rajni wrote: We all know "when one door closes, another opens. " we just need positive thinking and some patience for us to see another door open.
brooke wrote: Fun story mish
wavingatyou wrote: You'll get that kiss yet! ((((Mish)))) won't you please be my neighbor ~
sandyremillar wrote: so sweet! love ya for it........:*
mindyjourney wrote: Won't you be my neighbor? Love Mr. Rogers :))). You so kind, dear Mish.
melnotes wrote: Lovely Mish :)
jia wrote: hehe. everyone wants u to be a neighbour.. we are a happy family guys... together forever never apart .... maybe in distance but never at heart... :-)))
pluto178 wrote: You sent out the message and Tu answered simple !

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