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The house in my street

--by brindlegirl, posted Nov 26, 2020
There is a house in my street whose front garden is full of beautiful rose bushes.
I drive past it everyday and always notice it. It really brightens up the whole street and adds such beauty to it. Yesterday whilst driving past it again I had the idea to tell them. So I did.

This morning I wrote a letter to the owners of this home, which I will put in their mailbox later today.
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Readers Comments

Christine88 wrote: How nice. That will make them happy.
balou wrote: A rose letter for a rose garden. So beautiful! And i am sure they will be happy to receive your recognition of their work! Thank you for caring and telling them about the joy their garden brings to you!
Sandy Remillard wrote: Your warm heart shines through. Happy thanksgiving!
wavingatyou wrote: Roses for roses :) That's sure to bring smiles <3
kat94 wrote: Ok my phone clearly doesn't like me right now...nice paper, envelope and message. All so sweet :)
mindyjourney wrote: Perfect rose appreciation :))).
melnotes wrote: Oh thats so wonderful, what a sweet thing to do!
sandyremillar wrote: Lovely recognition....
pluto178 wrote: People often stop to say my garden brightens their day, it motivates me to keep at it. Well done to you for making that effort. x
xenahugs wrote: Brindle, how wonderful!! And what wonderful attention to detail with the paper and envelope. You are an A-1 Super Kindness Angel!!! :)

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