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Holiday Smiles

--by jeannarb, posted Dec 13, 2020
There is a local woman who always goes out of her way to share what little she has with others.

She wanted to decorate her yard for Christmas in honor of her son who passed away last year, but didn't have the funds so I provided decorations and helped her decorate her yard. She was so happy.
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ConnieO wrote: This might have made me tear up. :o
I aspire to be an old woman who is known as someone who shares what i have with others.
pluto178 wrote: Gardening is always a great share x
Brinda Govindan wrote: So sweet of you!
patjos wrote: Thank you. I bet she really appreciated the company.
Rajni wrote: You showed real spirit of Christmas. May others get inspired.
Khokha wrote: You're spreading Kindness, jeannarb. :)) Thank you for sharing!
scully wrote: So kind of you during this difficult season for her
Mish wrote: Really so kind for her. Bless you.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for helping woman with decorations in memory of her son 🎄. Those holidays need extra Love after a loved one passes.
TheHuman wrote: Fantastic!!! You did a great job!!!

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