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Helping a Soldier Helps Gain Perspective

--by stacyadkins, posted Apr 10, 2010

I recently started a new job and it hasn't been a good match. 

I was on my way home from a stressful meeting with my boss and I was worrying about how my family will get by once I am fired.  In these economic times it scary to contemplate being unemployed. I was thinking that it can't be good to focus so much negative energy when I saw a soldier enter the gift shop in the airport. 

I took this to be God's way of telling me to stop focusing on myself and trust that he will provide for my family and help me find the right job.  I followed the soldier into the store and asked if I could pay for his items.  He agreed and thanked me, but of course I was busy thanking helping to keep us safe. 

When he left, the cashier told me that he was just getting off a plane returning from war.  I was so grateful for his sacrifice and for the opportunity to say thank you.  This opportunity allowed me to turn the focus away from myself and on the people who have real challenges like this brave young man who was risking his life.

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Stacy wrote: It is now many months later and i am happy to say that i am in a job i love and am catching up on the bills that piled up after i was fired.

The three months i was unemployed were a wonderful blessing to me as i was able to have a surgery that i had been putting off and had plenty of time to heal.

It can be so hard to remember that god has a plan for us and that we have to let him guide us and trust him and i'm very grateful that i had the opportunity to share with someone else and to trust that god would provide.
HippyChick wrote: I'm glad this chance meeting helped you get some perspecive. Sometimes we all need to be brought back down to earth in order to realise what's really important in life. I'm sure things will come good for you soon!
Debi wrote: I agree with bytheocean2 " the family under god, is the most powerful force in a free society! May god bless you all and keep close watch over all of you! We need signs from god to remind us that he's there and willing to take care of us! No matter what! Debi.
iferlamb wrote: WOW! I wish I would be presented with an opportunity like this. How wonderful. I am proud of you.
bytheocean2 wrote: What an inspirational story. I think you are correct as this being a "sign". People should be more aware of everyday signs. My son is in Iraq. Your generosity during your trying times is wonderful. I think God has better plans for you and your family. "The family, under God, is the most powerful force in a free society. ;)
JuneBug wrote: THAT'S AWESOME !!!! :)

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