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Thank You, Kind Stranger!

--by guetv, posted Jan 12, 2021
In my favourite tea shop they'd showcased their Christmas teas in little shot glasses so people could sea and smell the leaves. I picked up each one in turn and one of them named baklava smelled absolutely delicious.

I only drink herbal teas as caffeine disagrees with me. So, juggling with my purse and the hot tea I'd just purchased, I lifted up the sample box behind the display to check the ingredients in the baklava tea. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the box itself was open. One by one, as I lamely attempted to right the problem, each and every item inside the box fell onto the display and floor.

This isn't unusual in itself: I tend to spread chaos wherever I go, a part of my nature I find in turn sad, amusing, and exasperating. Most of the time, these incidents tend to make people scatter away from me, as though they feared being somehow implicated in my clumsiness but today, a lady very, very kindly picked up each item as it fell out of the box and stocked them. Then she handed them to me with a kind smile and I slipped them back inside the box.

Her smile spread to my heart and, for once, I did not berate myself for my clumsiness. Thank you, kind stranger!
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Rajni wrote: Nothing happens without a reason. God wanted to teach a lesson to live in present and be more careful. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.
mish wrote: Glad you had a kind helper. You are beautiful as you are. Bless. x
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your share :)). We have all been there, in one way or another! Nice appreciation for woman and for your unique characteristic <3.
melnotes wrote: An angel in disguise maybe? and what a great feeling you experienced for the help she gave you :)
pluto178 wrote: How lovely.........some people are clumsy by nature so there must be a good reason for it too if you can but find nice that you got help not embarrassment. x
wavingatyou wrote: Thank you kind lady :)
brindlegirl wrote: That lady understood. Had most likely been there herself, but mostly, that lady had compassion. And how a little compassion touches our heart hey? ♥

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