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Sneaky Gift

--by guetv, posted Jan 9, 2021
My mother has a wonderful younger friend who takes excellent care of her. I truly appreciate her friend, both for her caring and good humor but also because I live too far away to cater to my mother the way her friend does. Clara drives my mother places she would otherwise not go to – including family events up here in our neck of the woods.

Recently, Clara has been undergoing a lot of stress on the home front but she still takes the time to visit my mother and make her feel well cared for.

So when I realized that a yoga and meditation retreat was being held up here on the very weekend of my mother’s birthday I immediately contacted Clara and asked her if she would consider driving my mother up for the day. I figured they would both benefit from a yoga retreat. It is also a sneaky way of giving Clara a gift – but that’s because she always refuses anything in return for all the kind and wonderful things she does for my mother!

Clara had been struggling to find a good gift for my mother’s birthday so she jumped on the idea. I immediately paid for and registered them into the event. Namaste!
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mindyjourney wrote: Oh, what a good way to pay it forward :))). Have feeling both mother and Clara will enjoy so very very much. Thank you.
mish wrote: Fantastic!!!!! Bless. x
pluto178 wrote: You will find Clara gets a lot from the wisdom of her older friend too and I bet they laugh every time they meet......people presume we do these things without reward but having done this a few times now I can tell you I enjoyed the older woman's company as much as she enjoyed mine. Plus she gave me the chance to be 'good'. x
wavingatyou wrote: Happy birthday mom and a great big thank you Clara :)
melnotes wrote: What a great idea, some people do find it hard to receive a gift so love the way you have done this. Awesome!

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