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One Person Stops to Help Out

--by rushabhkt, posted Apr 19, 2010

We had some guests visit us from East Africa -- a 65-year plus father and his 40-year-old daughter were in Mumbai for the father's heart check up. 

When they were returning home from the suburbs, their cab got in an accident that caused the father to hit his forehead on the metal dashboard.  Profuse bleeding ensued, and the daughter, in a state of panic, had no idea what to do.  She gave her father a cloth bag to hold against the bleeding and went hunting for another vehicle to take them to a hospital.  Sadly, the people passing by were busy with their lives and did not come to the aid of our guests.

Suddenly, an angel seemed to appear out of no where.  Cassandra, a guest relations co-coordinator at a top hotel in Mumbai, helped them not only find another vehicle to get them to the hospital, but also went with them even though she was on her way to her work.  She accompanied the father and daughter to the hospital and stayed through until his discharge.  She made it her priority to ensure the father's well-being and called her workplace to ask permission to do be late.

Hearing this experience helped me realize that most people help you when it suits them but not when you really need it.  My view is that we pass through life only once, and when we are presented with an opportunity to be kind, we should act before it is too late.  And sometimes our kind actions may seem like those of an angel to someone else.

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jsmc10 wrote: I think you should take any opportunity you can to be kind, i'm glad someone came to help

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