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Helping Girls Continue Their Education

--by kmbhai, posted Feb 5, 2021
I helped some girls with their educations. Their parents work in a leather factory.
Due to financial problems, the girls had to stop going to school, but they need higher education.

Last Sunday I paid their school fees and gave them an opportunity to complete their dreams.

The girls seem happy and have restarted their studies. I saw beautiful smiles on their faces and brightness in their eyes for a better future.
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lindariebel wrote: Wow! It's not clear how much your gift consisted of, probably more than you're willing to disclose!
Rajni wrote: Education is the strongest we aponwe can give to any child. Kmbhai, you did a wonderful job.
Jimbo46 wrote: Thank you kmbhai! You certainly did a wonderful thing for all of them.
mish wrote: Bless you kmbhai
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, my dear kumbhai! How wonderful you are :))). I can just imagine the girls beautiful smiles <3. Such a kindness force you are. Blessings, friend.
sandyremillar wrote: The Heavens will reward you plentifully for it....bless you!
wavingatyou wrote: How wonderfully kind! Many thanks :))) <3
melnotes wrote: A beautiful act of kindness :)

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